Admission Process


  1. Entrance test for new session will be conducted in the month of February.
    Counseling for xi will be held in the month of March.
    3. Prospectuses for all classes are available in school.


Admission for Nursery Class will start in the month of December each year. Advance registration shall be open from Ist Friday of December. Prospectus will be available on the spot. An interaction with the parents will be conducted. 

Age for Admission: – Admission age for Nursery is 3+ years on Ist of April in the year of admission. In other classes admission will be based on written test and number of seats available. Each section is limited to 40 students. 

Absence from School: – Any Absence from the school should be intimated through an application written & signed by the parent/guardian. In case of illness, copy of the medical certificate or copy of Doctor’s prescription with a covering application for leave, should reach the class-teacher within three working days after which it will not be considered a medical leave & no weightage will be allowed for any test/exam. Long leave may be got sanctioned beforehand. Absence for a  week without intimation can lead to termination of admission. Attendance below 75% may lead to detention in the class. 100% attendance shall be rewarded. 

Withdrawal: – Application for withdrawl is required a month in advance. 

Termination: – A student guilty of misconduct and indiscipline, harmful to the safety and dignity of teachers/fellow students shall be expelled from the school, any damage to the school property shall be recoverable. 

School Library: – A beautiful library has been set up. Sufficient books have been provided for each age group for reading.. Books are issued regularly to the students.Best library student is rewarded annually. 

Promotion: – Due consideration is given to round the year performance of the child, in promotion. Failure is twice checked up for any mistake, before the final decision. Failure of the child is regretted but no pressure can influence the result. Unfair means may result in failure. Decision of the Principal is final.









(Co-ed English Medium- affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi)

“Quality Based Education Along with Faith in God Leads to Success”

KOHINOOR INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY was established in 2008. In village Tatiana, Cheeka-Patiala Road, (Haryana) its campus spread on a vast area of 41/2 Acres, the school fulfils all the requirements of the modern education system. Besides having fully furnished 56 spacious class rooms, it has well equipped composite lab, Lab, Maths Lab, Computer Lab, Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Bio Lab, & Special rooms such as Music Room, Sports Room, Medical Room & Divinity room, a library with number of books & a Multipurpose Hall with a capacity of 2000 students & the administrative block to smooth run the administrative works smoothly. Keeping in view the importance of outdoor games, the school maintains two vast playgrounds with all facilities. The school is situated in pollution free & noise free environment. The atmosphere of school is serene & tranquil. The school building is lushed with green lawns which blooms with different colorful flowers seasonally. The students enjoy their study in the lap of nature.